About the Open Data Portal


In 2018, Swim Drink Fish received 1.8M dollars from Environment and Climate Change Canada to bring low-cost, reliable citizen science water quality monitoring to swimming and recreational water sites on the Great Lakes. From now until 2022, Swim Drink Fish will establish and support recreational water quality monitoring hubs in six communities along the Great Lakes, including three First Nations communities.

Swim Guide’s open data portal shares the recreational water quality data collected by Swim Drink Fish’s monitoring hubs in an open, machine readable format. The data is formatted to be in accordance with the Open Data Standard for the Automated Exchange of Recreational Water Quality Data. You can access our open data schema here.

To access the data, select the hub whose data you are interested in. Once on a hub’s page, you can download the data by selecting your desired format (either JSON or CSV) on the right hand side of the page.

For further inquires about our Open Data Standard, our monitoring hubs, or the open data portal, you can contact the Swim Drink Fish head office at 1 (416) 861 1237.

Toronto Harbour Monitoring Hub

Zhiibaahaasing First Nation Monitoring Hub

Lake erie-Niagara monitoring hub

Vancouver Monitoring Hub