Originally known as “Lake Ontario Waterkeeper,” Swim Drink Fish Canada’s mission is to ensure a future where water is swimmable, drinkable, and fishable.

We represent 1.8-million people in communities where access to clean water is threatened. We teach water literacy and support grassroots efforts to combat beach closures, drinking water threats, and disappearing habitat. 

Our flagship projects fuse science, culture, law and technology: Lake Ontario WaterkeeperWatermark Project, and Swim Guide.

Swim Guide is a platform for people interested in recreational water quality. It protects public health and inspires cleanup of polluted waters by consistently documenting and sharing vital water information.

Swim Guide launched in 2011, with a goal of making water quality information easily accessible for people who wanted to go swimming, surfing, paddling at a clean beach. We wanted to help protect public health with better beach and recreational water quality information.

Swim Guide is a bilingual website, a multilingual iOS app, and Android app, and it’s also available as a widget. Swim Guide has always been and will continue to be a free service.  At the most basic level the public can visit our website or download one of our apps to find a clean place to swim. Thanks to our 70 Swim Guide affiliates we have water quality info for more than 7000 beaches in Canada, US, Mexico,the Bahamas, New Zealand and Australia. 

Since 2011, Swim Guide has helped nearly 2-million people find beaches, check water quality, and report pollution. In the process, it has helped to prevent thousands of waterborne illnesses.

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